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Add Functional and Aesthetic Lights

Lighting an area properly can make it look beautiful and appealing. To bring the charm of the past times to your home or commercial property you can add traditional gas lights to your property. They enhance building design, add subtle drama to places like gardens, pool area, entrances and more.

Add Style to your Outdoor Areas

Exterior gas lights are known to have an old and elegant appeal to them which can add elegance to your house. Most gas light fixtures are made up of aluminum, nickel etc. which don’t last too long. Contrast to that copper lights are quiet durable and almost maintenance free. Their high quality allows them to withstand time and other elements. One great advantage of using gas lanterns is that they don’t attract bugs the way electric lamps do.

Gas lanterns work using natural gas or propane which are both safe burning fuels. This fuel can be controlled by a switch which allows the fuel and flame to be controlled. You can turn off these switches just in case the flame goes off or if you wish to turn off the lantern. Just make sure not to place them near a combustible area. Gas lanterns are also extremely cost-effective.

Gas lanterns are designed for exterior use but can sometimes blow out in certain conditions. You must ensure that the light should be fixed properly to reduce blow out chances. But still if blowouts become a regular feature you can contact the service department of the company to solve your problem.

Gas lights are mounted on posts, next to doorways, courtyards look attractive. Resorts and restaurants also beautify their properties with copper lanterns to induce a romantic and traditional feel. The beautiful French Quarter lanternsstyle look classic and add charm and character effortlessly.

Create a Look of Luxury and Fine Taste

Coppersmith lighting has several kinds of light fixtures and the exterior lanterns are available in gas as well as electric options. You can choose your options while placing an order. You can even get gas lights customized for your home or landscape. Coppersmith lights have styles ranging from antique to modern, to satisfy your style and taste. All Coppersmith products have a limited lifetime warranty.

Look for exterior lights that compliment your home exteriors and are manufactured by an experienced company. The lights should be of high-quality and should fit your budget. Several catalogues are available online to browse through and order. Check reviews and look for excellent customer service.

Most online light stores don’t ask for shipping charges. Check their return, replacement and shipping policy. Most reputed online stores replace any damaged or defective pieces if informed within the replacement period. Hence, be prompt to report any damage to the store.

If you are looking for gas lanterns to transform your property with the perfect combination of beauty and energy efficiency go through the catalogue of Gulf Coast Lanterns. They specialize in copper gas and electric or LED Flame Stimulation Lanterns. You can shop online or visit their store for an extensive line of products by The Coppersmith.

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