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What Sets Gas Lanterns Apart? Top 4 Reason

There is nothing quite like adding gas lamps to the exterior of your house when it comes to transforming its rustic appeal into a warm and cozy feel. Gas lanterns create a distinctive atmosphere, which is natural, elegant, and glowy. Moreover, when there’s a power-cut, gas lamps are the only ones, which eliminates the darkness and bring back the luminosity.

Illuminating your house with the outdoor gas lanterns can never fail to grab the attention of your guest and people who pass by. Not only it enhances the appearance of your house, but you also bring a myriad of advantages to your home. Placing these lanterns in or out of your house creates an elegant atmosphere that cannot be achieved by electric lights. Though electric lights have their own perks, the modern era of LED lights have made gas lanterns difficult to survive. Thus, here we are shining some light on the advantages of gas lamps that can definitely make you buy one.

1.       Visually Appealing

Your yard will no longer be providing the rustic feel of electric lights when you bring outdoor gas lanterns home. The gentle flickering of the flame, and the warm light it illuminates help establish a classical and peaceful vibe to your home. It creates an aura that cannot be ignored easily.

2.       Insect Repellent – Have you ever wondered why electric lights attract bugs? Harsh electric lights interfere with the navigations of bugs, which makes them confused and sometimes blind. Research also suggests artificial lights mimic the UV rays, which is responsible for attracting mosquitoes. Whatever the actual reason might be, one thing we’re very certain about is, gas lamps get you rid of it.As a result, there will be no disgusting dead bugs or moths around your lamp fixtures.

3.       Soft Ambient Atmosphere – For some people, electric lights can be too harsh especially when they’re trying to be cozy and relaxed. Whereas, gas lamps establish a soothing atmosphere that can set you better. Apart from that, it does not have to rely on the electricity, so whenever there’s a power-cut, sit back and relax, gas lanterns have got you covered.

4.       Brings Value – Though outdoor lantern light fixture are a bit expensive, but they’re sure worth your money. It could be the first thing your guests see when they visit your house. Also, when you buy copper lantern fixtures, you’ll not have to worry about their changing conditions as they are corrosion free.

Why Gulf Coast Lanterns?

With the plethora of experience designing the most appealing outdoor lighting lanterns, they know exactly what fits best to your house. Located in the historic downtown Covington, Louisiana, the shop has over 130 lanterns and fixtures displayed. They have recently added the latest collection of CopperSmith as well, which adds more than 80 beautiful copper lanterns to the collection. Even if that’s not enough, you can get your customized lantern made in no time. With the possible combination of 3300 designs, you’ll have no difficulty getting the most appropriate design for your house.

Unlike other online platforms, your order will be delivered within 3 to 5 days, and if you’re located anywhere near the Covington, feel free to visit their store, and experience an array of exceptional copper lanterns.

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