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The ABCs of Conducting Lasik Surgery on Your Eyes

You might have found those pair of glasses as annoying as they can be. Also, lenses are expensive, tricky to maintain. A Lasik Surgeon Phoenix can help eliminate or at least reduce your need to resort to any of them. Moreover, a successful surgery under expert care has many more perks. For example, you can enjoy detailed and sharper vision, focus better, and can do everyday tasks, such as reading mails and books, more effortlessly than ever. But there are several misconceptions about this surgery that makes many deserving people take a backseat. Here’s an attempt to clear the fog a bit.

How LASIK Would Work

Laser eye surgery in Phoenix or any other place in the USA can help you take care of farsightedness, as well as nearsightedness. It can also manage Astigmatism. It is a refractive problem, which often stems from the curved or irregular shaped cornea. When you are choosing Lasik, you are going to shape the cornea properly. This would change the way how the light gets into the eyes. Thus, your eyes get more focused, and you can see sharper.

The Method

Traditionally, the procedure of Lasik Eye Doctor Arizona would involve certain steps. But first of all, your surgeon would prepare your eyes for the surgery. They would do it by making a flap-like structure on the surface of your cornea. Next, they would gently fold it back. This will make for extra access in the corneal tissues that lie under. Then, the surgeons would use a laser. They would carefully shape the cornea until it reaches the desired curvature. Finally, the flaps would stay repositioned on the eyes, sealing itself.

Different Types of Lasik

The Lasik Eye Surgery team that you choose in Phoenix or anywhere else would recommend the different processes to choose from. Also, they would recommend the best procedure for your eyes. Even then, you might want to have a preliminary idea of the different surgical procedures. So here’s help:

iLazic: It is a tailored approach to conventional Lasik surgeries. The surgeons can customize the treatment procedure based on the structure, not your eyes. The experts would also map the imperfections in your eyes. It is a less evasive process. It would involve only two traditional surgery steps- preparing the corneal flap and reshaping the cornea.

EpiLazic: This involves the use of specialized surgical equipment. Your surgeon would use it to move the larger tissue layers on the outermost part of your eyes. They would create an epithelial flap while restoring the cornea in its position.

PRK: Also called Photorefractive Keratectomy, this procedure does not require creating a flap on the cornea.

When you live near Arizona and look for expert eye care, check Arizona Lasik for any help. Once you meet the team and check the services they have to offer; you might get all of your queries and doubts cleared. And the expert supervision of a senior ophthalmologist comes as a cherry on the icing.

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