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Fresh Loose Leaf Green Tea in India

The love for tea is universal! Take a step back, sip a cup of great tea and enjoy every sip of the moment. Drinking tea is not a ritual; it is a culture and a moment that brings calm in our otherwise chaotic lives.

From the best tea estates of India, a wide range of fresh loose leaf green teais handcrafted with various unique blends. The manufacturers promise fresh green tea blends that are curated every week in small batches. Pure and unadulterated green tea is thus produced, which is directly supplied to your cup straight from the tea estate! There are many online tea stores committed to delivering fresh green tea in India. For personal and corporate gifting, the customer can choose from a range of online tea gift sets too.

Tingle your Taste Buds

Enhance your everyday with a cup of Chaayos green tea. The ingredients that go into creating these exquisite blends bring the best tea experience of purity to the person enjoying a cup of green tea. Premium fresh loose leaf green tea is sourced directly from the tea estates of Assam, Darjeeling and the Nilgiris.

Natural tea infusions and exotic hand blended teas create the perfect quality green tea for the consumer. The tea blends are created only with the fresh produce of flowers, spices, herbs, and other whole leaf tea ingredients. Whole masala tea retains the maximum flavor and health benefits when compared to dust or broken leaves. No artificial oils or flavors are added to this natural green tea.

Tea of the Month!

Instant Tea also has a fresh blend in small quantities every week, to keep the aroma and flavor intact. The participation of the tea tasters and tea experts is instrumental in bringing the best produce out in the market. Online stores are proving to be the easiest way to buy the best Indian green tea mixes from anywhere in the world.

All the varieties ranging from malty Assam black tea, Darjeeling tea, specialty teas like white tea or oolong teas and green teas are all just a click away. The packaging of the green tea mix comes with descriptive information such as the season, year of plucking, region, brewing guidelines and the taste profile before you brew your fist cup of green tea.

Handpicked Premium Green Tea

Out of all other types of teas, Chaayos Green Tea is the least processed tea. Natural long leaf green tea comes with a complex yet delicate character. The north eastern tea estates of India are large producers of rare and exclusive green teas. Green teas are shipped directly from Assam and known for their smooth and delicious taste. For those individuals who want to make a healthier choice by switching from black tea or coffee to green tea for weight lossthe Assam tea has the perfect blend of less astringency and bitterness. By purchasing green tea from Chaayos Bazaaryou are buying green tea from the small organic farmers of Assam.

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