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Floor tile leveling and lippage system

Floors of your rooms, bathrooms or kitchen speak well about your living style. Whenever you walk into someone’s home, floors intuitively catch your attention which either earn your silent appreciation or can adversely affect the impression of a space.

It is therefore prudent to have aesthetically beautiful and well tiled floors in your house or business place.

Importance of tile leveling system

Tile work becomes easy, uniform and looks cleaner, when a tile leveling system is used effectively.The tile leveling system operates with the help of clips which are placed under tiles and wedges in order to level and lock tiles while they set.

In addition to wedges and clips, the spacers help you in aligning the tiles perfectly and in case you wish to remove the tile, you can easily pluck even a single tile and replace it with new one.

The best tile leveling system can help you create a solid well-leveled and an accomplished floor leveling system. Efficiently managed tile leveling system can offer a variety of benefits that include:

Safety – as an uneven tile installation can pose a tripping hazard

Saves time – tile installation is quick and uniform and gets the job done the first time correctly and thereby eliminates the need to remove or redo after laying tiles .

Saves on money – when tile  laying job is done through a tile leveling systemchances of committing mistakes are reduced to a greater extent. No redoing or removal of faulty tiles can lower material and time wastage and hence can save money for you.

Reduced risk of lippage –when the edges of adjoining tiles are not aligned properly or some tiles appear to be raised, showing uneven placement of tile, the tile leveling systemcan prevent lippage.

Lippage and its effects

Often people feel that laying or installation of tiles is an easy job and anyone can do it. Contrary to above belief, laying tiles is an extremely technical job as it necessitate appropriate use of tools like spacers and trowels for to achieve proper alignment of the tiles.

Placing tiles on uneven floor at various places can cause lippage. Lippage is a perpendicular i.e. vertical the edges of two adjacent tiles due to which the tiles will be laid consistently only in width but not in height.

Installation of tiles at differently raised floor level can cause lippage. As a result of lippage, not only floor will look bad but can also prove to be a safety hazard. You can have a fall while walking on such a floor.

Tile lippage control can be achieved through effective use of spacers through self leveling spacers.The tile lippage system is primarily consists of two parts which include;

  • an actual spacer that is meant for locking in below the tile
  • a wedge that slides on the top of the tile

Together spacer and wedge exert pull from below and push action from the top and hence maintain same level of tiles throughout the floor space and hence avoid lippage among tiles.

If you desire to replace your old floors with new and lippage free tiled floors, contact Acufloor, the most reliable flooring specialists.

Acufloor use the most modern tile leveling system to create attractive and safe floors for you.

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