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Exquisite Aromas and Flavors of Chai Patti

Do you love tea? Desi chai was born when the British introduced tea to India before independence. Assessing the consumer’s tea buying patterns in the 80s, packaged tea was introduced into the Indian markets. The traditional Indian homes then added spices to it and Masala chai was created.

Tea instantly rejuvenates your senses in its simplicity. We are living in a fast-paced society where we need everything quickly and conveniently, even our favorite cup of tea.The Chaayos masala tea makers will make sure that you get what you want! What makes the regular tea special? It is the tea leaves and spices that add goodness to make your tea exquisite in both taste and aroma. These aromas will truly awaken all your senses early in the morning!

Ghar Jaisi Chai (Home Made Tea)

If you want to carry your favorite tea wherever you travel, you can opt for the easy to make tea premixes that are packaged in sachets of about 20g each. This pack contains tea extract and masala, dairy whitener, and sugar. It is a mixture of aromatic Indian spices with multiple health benefits and an amazing taste to relish.

All you need to make an instant cup of tea with a premix is a cup full of hot water, add the flavor of the tea premix, stir it constantly and sip in the goodness. The stimulating flavors available in the ready-made tea premix are cloves, cardamom, ginger, black pepper, cinnamon, and nutmeg. Just add hot water to the instant tea premix and enjoy the flavors of your home made tea.

A Refreshing Cuppa is Ready!

Without the ills of dairy, you can get your daily fix of a masala chai with all the warmth and flavor with an instant tea premix. The tea premix will help you make a soothing cup of tea every time with the same precision, providing great flavors and healthy benefits at the same time. For lactose intolerant individuals, an instant tea premix acts as a great alternative to the regular chai.

To satisfy your tea cravings, it not only consists of ginger and spices but also calcium, protein, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, iron, and antioxidants. This vegan beverage is a plant-based product and serves as a great option for people following a Keto diet plan.

Instant Freshness Anytime Anywhere!

The Indian chai patti is naturally grown in the small-scale tea estates of Darjeeling and Assam. The cultivation practices of the tea growers are completely organic, and they hand process the leaves to produce a high-quality tea mix.

The tea producers always aim at keeping the quality of their product at the highest levels possible. To ensure this consistent quality, the tea producers also need a full-time support of tea tasters. The soluble tea processing units manufacture their products under strict hygiene standards, to meet high levels of excellence. Chaayos Bazaar produces 100% natural instant tea premixes with pure ingredients. Chaayos Bazaarhas a cloud-based platform for billing transparency and a world class service standard.

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