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New Orleans has a lot to offer its residents and the visiting tourists from music, culture, food, history to commerce. Get the latest lighting designs for every room in your home and give a different look to your indoors and outdoors with natural gas lights.

These are the new additions to the lighting technology that is environment friendly and the best option to get the right light. So, what could be the best souvenir that you could take back from your trip than a New Orleans style outdoor lantern light fixture? Despite its proximity to the great port city, a classic gas lantern will bring home a little bit of the New Orleans beauty and culture along.

Classic Old Style

The gas lanterns that were used in the eighteenth and the nineteenth centuries to light up bustling streets are the inspiration behind the New Orleans style outdoor lighting lanternsThese simple structures are aesthetically pleasing and functional with a four-sided glass enclosure, topped with an angled copper roof and handle.

The newly created gas lanterns can be hung or mounted as per the user’s preferences just like the originals during the olden days. They are also available in varied sizes and combinations. The light bulb fixtures outside your homes’ doorway are not as attractive as the mounted or hanging gas lanterns on either side.

Path Illumination

To make a lasting appearance on your home or property, use post mounted outdoor gas lamps that will make it easier for the cars to enter the driveway at nights or people walking along a path to see where they are heading. While placing a classic gas lantern indoors, it provides sufficient light to the room along with adding an old-world charm of antiques and rustic style to it.

The New Orleans style gas lanterns are easy to find a place for because of their mounting options and durable copper construction. These lanterns can be placed both indoors and outdoors and can fit any wall space of the house. From the streets of New Orleans to the comfort of your home, gas lanterns have a long history.

Low Voltage Usage

For both indoor and outdoor usage, the New Orleans gas lanterns can be fitted with an electric source for safety as it uses an extremely low voltage. If a low wattage electric bulb is placed in the lantern, the dim lighting gives a truly spectacular look to the surroundings.

Outdoors they can be lined up on the exterior walls to enhance the outer look of the house apart from the common place near the entry way of the building. Antique design elements can be the perfect backdrop for the New Orleans gas lanterns. Copper lamps and lanterns to match the building’s appearance can be placed with a dual option of a flickering flame or the ease of using an electrical fixture in it.

The gas lanterns at Gulf Coast Lanterns are handcrafted by local New Orleans coppersmiths with quality raw material combined with their expertise and traditional style.

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