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A Guide to Prepare Yourself for Lasik Surgery

Now that your surgeon has recommended a Lasik Surgery Phoenix, it is time to prepare yourself for the procedure. Instead of taking too much stress, it would always help you understand the procedure well and prepare yourself accordingly. You need to be equally careful about aftercare, as well. Here’s what you can do to reduce extra stress.

Get Your Tests Done

You may or may not need a Laser Eye Surgery Arizona under certain conditions. So when you visit a responsible Laser Surgery center in Arizona, the doctors recommend a series of tests for evaluation. This would include mapping corneal thickness, prescription testing, vision testing, pupil dilation, and eye pressure checking. It is best to undergo every investigation that the doctor recommends. If he does not, then double-check whether you would need some investigations.

Convey Your Medical History

Even when undergoing Lasik Eye Surgery Phoenix or elsewhere, you must let your doctor know certain things. For example, inform me whether you have ever had any eye-related issues and information about your general health condition, both in the present and the past. Also, make certain that the doctor knows what medicines you are taking right now, and throw hints about drugs you might be allergic to.

On The Day of Surgery

The medical team would clean your eyes using antibiotics drops. Then, they would put mild anesthetics to keep you comfortable. Ensure that you stay seated in a comfortable chair and the right position. Once you settle down, your surgeon would ask you to focus on a steady, small light. While the top Lasik surgeons is on, you might sniff some burn-like smell as the laser works. There can also be a tickling sound. It might take about 5 minutes to finish the surgery on each of your eyes. Post-surgery, the medical team would tell about the post-operative medicines.

After the Surgery

When the Lasik Surgery Procedure is over, your nurse will take you to another room. She/he would check your blood pressure. You will also get your aftercare pack. This would typically include a pair of an eye patch to wear while sleeping, medicines, and self-care instructions. If your blood pressure is stable, you will be allowed to go home. Make sure that you have someone to escort you back.

After Going Home

After returning from your Lasik Eye Clinic Arizonaensure to get a sound sleep for at least four to five hours. A leading surgeon practicing in a Phoenix Lasik Vision Center mentions the importance of deep sleep after eye surgery. It gives your eyes the rest that they need after the procedure. If you have trouble sleeping, then mention that to your doctor beforehand. He would recommend medicines that are safe for your consumption. Your eyes might feel a bit watery and scratchy for some days, which is normal. Consult your doctor if irritation persists.

Your eyes are one of your biggest assets. So it is never wise to skimp on its optimal care. So whether you are looking for a rather common Laser cataract surgery in Phoenix, or something more complex, then ensure to consult the experts working with responsible organizations like Arizona Lasik.

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